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Earbuds (Gen2)

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These Earbuds (Gen2) are 1:1 reps of a**le air**ds (Generation 2). They are the best quality on the rep market from trusted suppliers in China and USA. Tested for perfect quality. Connects to phone and has everything a**le’s does.

  • MagSafe Wireless Charging Case
  • Wireless earbuds, Wireless charging case ⚡
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  • 7-14 Business Days 📦
  • International shipping tracked and signed. Valid serial number. ✅
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9 reviews for Earbuds (Gen2)

  1. Kingston

    1:1 reps

  2. Noah Johnstone

    I’ve been reselling these for awhile (I know it may seem scummy but money’s money) and I haven’t got a single complaint from buyers. Do with that what you will!

  3. Steven

    very satisfied

  4. Scarlett Mclain

    The price is so low but the quality seems the same as real!

  5. Shaun

    these are rlly good for the price

  6. Katie Fitzpatrick

    Shipping was rlly quick cuz theres a warehouse in the US I think

  7. Lyanna O’neil

    Shipping was quick and quality wsa good. will be buying again!

  8. Rosey

    Lol I’m such an idiot I wass stressing out when it got delivered cuz it had fake packaging but the real product is underneath 😂

  9. Milo

    Quality is great, my school thinks theyre real

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