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Earbuds Pro (Gen 2)

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These Earbuds Pro (Gen2) are 1:1 reps of a**le air**ds pro (Generation 2). They are the best quality on the rep market from trusted suppliers in China and USA. Tested for perfect quality. Connects to phone and has everything a**le’s does.

  • MagSafe Wireless Charging Case
  • Wireless earbuds, Wireless charging case ⚡
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  • International shipping tracked and signed. Valid serial number. ✅

16 reviews for Earbuds Pro (Gen 2)

  1. Lily Hughes

    i don’t believe these aren’t from apple

  2. Cal T33

    trusted vendor 1:1

  3. William Foster

    They’re perfect, i highly recommend

  4. Mark

    i got these for my nephew and he absulotely loved them. Thanks for the great gift!

  5. Bella

    Took ages to come but i guess the wait was worth it 👍

  6. Wilma

    So good

  7. Ananya

    The connection can sometimes be a little weird but I dont care tbh

  8. Helen

    Wow, I’m never getting the real ones again!

  9. Poppy

    Was expecting these to be bad but they ewre perfect

  10. Fatima Siddhartha

    works well tooked a while to arive

  11. Aurora Smith

    When these first got delivered i was so scared i got scammed but it comes in an outer packaging with other earphone brandings. Don’t be scared when you first get it!

  12. Noah L

    1:1 copies. I love,

  13. James

    I’m so impressed. When I first purchased I was very skeptical, which is not uncommon, but they work exactly like my friends and the packaging is exactly like retail. I never thouhgt fakes would come this far, but they have!

  14. Carlos

    Highly trusted vendor

  15. Bethanyyy

    the apple packaging was a little f***ed up but ig that just happens in shipping.

  16. jack

    good reps i recommend

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