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Headphones Max

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These Headphones Max are 1:1 reps of a**le air**ds max. They are the best quality on the rep market from trusted suppliers over in China and USA. Tested for perfect quality. Connects to phone and has everything a**le’s does.

  • Wireless Headphones
  • Up to 20 hours of listening time  ⚡
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  • 7-14 Business Days 📦
  • International shipping tracked and signed. Valid serial number. ✅

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14 reviews for Headphones Max

  1. Ishaan

    i have been waiting to get these for a while but never could afford them. theure quality is perfect and had no issues, thanks god for these

  2. Izzy


  3. T100

    They great quality y’all can trust this vendor

  4. Tom

    wow tehyre really good, thanks!

  5. Jacob Brown

    very happy i saved my money with these

  6. Emily Fawcett

    outside packaging was a little broken but everyhting inside was fine, thanks!

  7. harold

    I would say they are identical to the real ones however when you connect them it isnt instant it takes a second but i dont think i would have noticed if I hadnt known they were reps

  8. Evie

    They came so quick and they’re very good

  9. Jennifer Smith

    Their actually really good

  10. Rohan

    Noise cancellation on these works so well! Was a bit skeptical at first, but I couldn’t be happier with these headphones. The sound quality is so good it feels like you get transported to another world. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because there was a few problems when I was paying, but the guy sorted it fast and was very helpful.

  11. Johnny

    for £300 off they are amazing

  12. Beth

    Amazing quality

  13. T100

    buying in bulk this time, good to do business. haha

  14. Robert

    Good guy, he was helpful with my problems and thw headphones are good.

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