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Earbuds (Gen 3)

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These Earbuds (Gen3)  are 1:1 reps of a**le air**ds (generation 3). They are the best quality on the rep market from trusted suppliers over in China and USA. Tested for perfect quality. Connects to phone and has everything a**le’s does.

  • MagSafe Wireless Charging Case
  • Wireless earbuds, Wireless charging case ⚡
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  • 7-14 Business Days📦
  • International shipping tracked and signed. Valid serial number. ✅

11 reviews for Earbuds (Gen 3)

  1. Freya

    prety quick shipping and the serial code actually matches online!

  2. Jordan

    Gonna be buying from this vendor again.

  3. Max Holly


  4. Sebastian

    They’re exactly like the real ones i showed my friend who has airpods and he had no idea

  5. Amar Djharna

    Very thank you.

  6. Macy Hamilton

    I bought them and theres no info on when it’s coming i dont even know if they are

    • steebo

      We have e-mailed you the shipping information. Thanks for buying!

  7. Ajay G

    Good quality and fast delivery

  8. Hanna

    I cant believe the serial code on the box matches on apple! It even says it has warranty

  9. Ollie

    great just like the rael ones

  10. Theo

    good reps, guy knows what hes doign

  11. Goat

    my friends think theyre real haha thanks

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